19. - 20. 9. 2024


Two-day course for first-year students

Orientation Days is a two-day course for future first year students at Palacký University that takes place in Olomouc on 19th and 20th September. This Course helps the students to get more oriented at their future university, find out all the opportunities that studies at Palacký University offers and to get to know the city of Olomouc.

You can look forward to seminars, lectures, walk through campsus and the best of all - a day with your Trainers (upper year students from the same or similar study field). Orientation Days prides itself with more than just welcoming athmosphere, during this course you can also find new friends and enjoy amazing fun.

Orientation Days offers valuable information to more than 400 future students evry year and it does so since the year 2010.

Leave it to us and we'll make your entrence into the University smooth and fun.

Benefits of Orientation Days

Day with your Trainer

You will spend one day with your Trainer (a senior student, in the same or similar field). They will give you a tour of the faculty, show you the study areas, where the registrar is based... You can also look forward to ice-breakers and fun.

Meeting classmates

On the course you will be sorted by field or faculty. You will have the opportunity to get to know your classmates before you even start studying together!

Tour of your faculty

As part of the course, we'll take you to the spaces you'll be spending your student life. We'll show you the nooks and crannies, the best chill zones, the greenhouses (if relevant to your studies), the cafés and the place your student registrar is based. University won't be foreign to you and you'll feel much more comfortable here.

Walk through Olomouc

Orientation Days take place in Olomouc, so you will get to know the city before you start your studies. We'll show you interesting places, cafes, restaurants, UPoint, but also dorms, canteens or clubs that we think are the best. 

Practical tips&tricks

The course can provide useful tips&tricks on how to study effectively, organise your time and manage academic challenges. You can look forward to interesting and inspiring lectures, as well as tips from upper year students. 


Orientation Days are not just about lectures you will listen to, but also about having fun. You will get to have fun during the 'Day with your Trainer', play some games, go to the café with us, meet the organizers etc. 

Additionaly, at the end of everyday's programme you will be invited to a pub or to a party in a club. 


"I learned everything I needed. I'm satisfied." Tonda, FF

"Amazing organization! I like that you're not leaving other students to fend for themselves"  Nikola, FF

"AMazing event for the first years to be more certain, as they start a new life phase!" Honza, PřF

"Thank you for doing this. Thanks that you're quickly solving problems and are not giving up." Anička, PřF

"The event was very nice, because I wasn't forced to do anything." Adéla, PřF

"The lectures were great and the pub after was legendary. I really had a great time and right now feel prepared." Lenka, FZV

"I'm now much calmer. I was afraid strating at a new school, but now I know everything important and am cable of not getting lost. I'm more than satisfied." Marie, PřF

"I learn all the important information to start my study at the University." Eliška, FF

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